Jul 21, 2011

Pakistani Mujra

Hello visitors, Mujra is an art of dance, Mujra is a kind of dance, like as hip hop, bhangra, classical. Mostly it dose in Pakistan Punjab and India. But Pakistani Peoples like it so much. This is a type of classical Punjabi dance. So many actresses are performing mujra dances in Pakistan Punjab. Mostly girls play mujra on Pakistani Punjabi songs. Some actresses are so much famous in this dance. Their names are given below.

Nargis: she is queen of stage and dance; she plays dance mujra in Lahore theatres and paki lollywood movies.

Deedar: she is younger sister of Nargis, Deedar is also so much famous in Pakistan for mujra dances.

Anjuman Shehzadi: she was died some days ago. She was also a great mujra dancer of Pakistan. She performed some nude mujra dances in her career.

Saima Khan: Saima Khan also performed some sexy (naked) nude dances in her career.

Now I am giving a Great Pakistani website for watching online mujra dances. Link is given below, visit this website and enjoy it.

Pakistani Mujra